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The Honeymoon is over - and begins again with A7Rii

As much as I loved the A7R, I could not resist the deals available on the A7Rii (a.k.a. A7R2, a.k.a. A7RM2).
Even though my relationship with the A7R seemed to be one that would last forever, that was not to be the case. I could have stayed with that camera for a very long time, but its treasures led me on a path toward even better technology and even better performance.

I have, for the last week or so, been the proud owner of a brand-new A7RM2 (with a variety of other abbreviations, including A7Rii, A7R2). I’ll call it the A7R2, for now. Special (more intimate!?) “pet names” might be forthcoming, as the new relationship develops.

At some point in the near future, I plan to add more information about the way the A7R2 performs, but for now I’m too busy enjoying all the things it can do. There are many reviews of the A7R2 system on YouTube and other resources on the internet. Feel free to review those reviews: all the good things they say about the A7R2, are true.