Pricing of individual prints will depend on the nature of the print, the print-run (i.e., whether it is an open printing or a limited edition), the size of the print, and its matting and framing; here are some general guidelines, but keep in mind that pricing for each print is set individually

  • many of my framed matted fine-art prints are priced at $240 for a print on 17"x22" paper in a 24"x28" matt and frame

  • some of the fine-art prints are available on 13"x19" paper in a 16"x24" matt and frame, with a typical price of $180

  • some prints are available without matts or frames (although you'll probably find it less expensive to buy the matted and framed print from me); to put that another way, most of the value in a framed and matted print is in the print itself, and not in its packaging

  • for prints being sold as part of a gallery or other public display: you might have to wait until the closing of the show, before you get your print

  • shipping of a framed and matted print will be at your expense and your risk: if you live near my gallery/studio, I recommend that we arrange for me to deliver the print to you, or for you to pick it up from my gallery

Of course, let me know if you have any other questions.

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