Bill Pope, the lawyer…

William H. Pope (as shown on certificates on the office wall!) attended U.B.C. Law School from 1977 through 1980. Bill was associate editor of the U.B.C. Law Review, and one of four participants in the U.B.C. Law School Grand Moot. Bill’s law school load was made more challenging (but also more rewarding) by his involvement (with his then wife) in raising his first child while in law school. Handling dirty diapers while reviewing old English case law, was an interesting challenge!

Bill chose to take articles of law in a rural environment (not being much of a city boy at the time), and was called to the B.C. Bar of in May of 1981. Bill then became an associate of the firm where he articled, and later a partner of that firm. He eventually went out on his own, and had associates (and articled students) working for him in his own practice.

By 2005, Bill had had enough of small-city northern British Columbia life, and moved with his then-wife to Gabriola Island, where he has continued to practise from a home-office.

Bill’s practice included court work in the past, with successful appearances before administrative tribunals, provincial court judges, supreme court judges, and justices of the British Columbia court of appeal. Since moving to Gabriola Island, Bill has chosen not to represent clients in court, and has instead he continues to work in ways that help keep clients out of court.