I do enjoy portraiture, and I've been doing more of it lately. It's a very personal experience, in which the photographer and the subject should be compatible, and in which they should be patient and prepared to collaborate.
Each portrait project (session) is priced individually, but a typical two-hour session costs $200. Once you and I have a clear idea of what each of us expects from the other, the actual cost will be set (before either of us makes any commitment to proceed with the portrait session).
There is no cost for standard set-up and take-down time, but travel time would add to that cost. A successful portrait session would result in at least a dozen satisfactory images, which would be delivered to you as high-res (JPG or PNG or PDF) files, after basic toning, cropping, exposure modification, and a few other minor adjustments.
My portraiture skills are primarily in the technical aspects of lighting and creating a clear and print-worthy image. If you are seeking a particular creative "look", I urge you to bring your own creativity with you to the portrait session. It would also be a very good idea to discuss the ideas beforehand, as "impromptu creativity" can be a big challenge for a portrait photographer.

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