Bill Pope, the Gabriola Islander…

When you choose a home after living somewhere else for twenty-five years, it’s a big commitment. Gabriola Island was that sort of commitment, but it turned out to be an easy one, and an enjoyable one.

Bob Dylan wrote (near the end of The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest) “… one should never be where one does not belong.” Bill is living where he belongs: Gabriola Island. That’s why his only office is on Gabriola Island, and that’s why most of his clients are Gabriola Islanders. Bill is still retained by clients from across British Columbia to represent them, and he does represent those clients; Bill’s office, though, is a Gabriola Island office, and not a part-time “branch” or alternative office to an office in the city.

When an island gives so much to you, you want to give back. Even though most of Bill’s time is dedicated to his law practice, he gives back to Gabriola Island when he can.