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Photographer as Matchmaker

People have said they like my work, and they have thanked me for what I do. This time, it was special and tangible and personal.
It was a local community event. I was sitting getting ready for the show, and a friend approached me with someone else. I was greeted by the friend, and introduced as the one who was responsible. I immediately knew what the introduction meant: a bit more than three years earlier, I had taken a series of photographs of the friend, to be used as profile photographs on a dating site. The friend liked the photos I took, and used them on that site. A little while after that, I learned that those images (at least in part) attributed to the friend's success, and resulted in a close relationship. Since then, the friend and the friend's online "date" have continued their relationship, and they're now living together. I can't take all the credit (the friend has many other fine attributes, in addition to looking good in front of a camera), but I was very pleased to be part of the events that brought them together.